Happily Ever After

After many years of rescue work, we have more success stories than we could possibly share! Please enjoy a look back at just a few of our happy endings! 


Holly, The Girl Who Started It All

Here's Her Story

Holly came to Circle Star with a taped muzzle, deep bite marks covering her body, and intense emotional scarring. It is because of her journey we are so dedicated to the rescue, recovery, and rehoming of these beautiful animals!


Miracle came to Circle Star K9 Rescue with a disturbing and painful case of mange. After receiving intensive treatment, Miracle went from a shy underweight pup to a playful 50lb. girl. Circle Star K9 Rescue saved her life and she temporarily stayed at the resort while she awaited a loving home. She went through the full 30 day program before being adopted by her forever family! 


Boss, a one eyed male boxer, came to us with dog aggression and a lack of self control. He couldn't calm himself and would get incredibly worked up. He was not comfortable being near other dogs and was in need of serious socialization. After lots of patience and consistency, Boss was not only able to interact with other dogs, but he was ready for his forever home! 


Willow came to Circle Star K9 Rescue as a semi-feral dog who needed to bond with a human in order to complete her training. Though she completed the 30 Day Training Program, she needed a strong human bond in order to reach her full potential. After finding her forever family, she acclimated right into life alongside her two big brothers, Cain and Marley.