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Getting adopted is one thing, staying adopted is another.

Holly, the dog who started it all.


Problem: There are thousands more dogs than homes, especially in Texas.

Dogs in our area are being euthanized by the thousands to make way for the crushing tide of new dogs brought in. These are purebreds, mixed breeds and puppies. Of course we must all encourage spaying and neutering. But what about the dogs that are here today?


Solution: Circle Star K9 Rescue wants dogs to live. We believe that by offering trained dogs, people will consider adopting more dogs into each household AND the dogs that are adopted won’t lose their homes due to behavior problems.

Who are you? We are people who love dogs. We are owners, employees and friends of Circle Star Pet Resort-one of the most progressive dog training facilities in the country. We created Circle Star K9 Rescue, a nonprofit division of Circle Star Pet Resort, to save dogs lives. We serve North and East Texas. We’re located on a 100 acre working ranch that is also home to Circle Star Pet Resort. We have members from all over Texas and other states.

How does Circle Star K9 Rescue save dogs? We take dogs that’ve come from the streets or death row in shelters, from our partner rescues. Then we place them in our training house with a professional trainer for our Half Way Home Training Program. Many dogs have never been inside a house before. We teach them basic social skills like house breaking, crate training, not to chew things up, dig in the trash, counter-surf, bolt out the door or jump on people. We train them to walk pleasantly on a leash without pulling, sit, down, stay and come.

What have you done so far? We’ve rescued, vetted, trained and found wonderful forever homes for over 100 dogs.


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